Golf’s Smartest Ball
& Analytics System

Improve your game and get better scores
with the revolutionary Dragonfly Golf Ball.

real-time. gps. stats. performance.

A detailed insight
into your game

The Dragonfly has a hollow core with
embedded measurement technologies
that captures your balls performance.

GPS System

The Dragonfly’s GPS System gives you yardage for over 20,000 courses. You can interact with the app to get accurate distances for specific shots. Plus, Dragonfly uses GPS to help you find your ball.

Shot Replay

Get a clear picture of your balls flight with Shot Replay. You can relive every shot you’ve hit and even share the great ones with friends to prove you made that Ace on the 4th.

Open up your game
to new possibilities

Track Your Performance

Dragonfly captures thousands of data points from each round to provide you with insight about your shot, club selection and what skills to practice.

Ball Finder

In an average round of golf, players will lose anywhere between 1 – 3 balls on a course. With the Dragonfly you’ll find your ball in the rough, woods or feskew. You’ll save money and time, by keeping pace with play.