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Fit6 is one of the GTA's premier gyms. Voted as the best fitness club in the city, we are an independently owned, local fitness and health centre designed for the entire family. We feature state-of-the-art equipment, a variety of fitness classes and supportive staff to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Wendy’s fitness success.

When she was 46 years old, Wendy set a goal: to be her absolute fittest by her 50th birthday. "I knew I would have to lose about 100 pounds!" she says. "So I started setting smaller goals, like giving up fast food or going for a walk." Taking it slowly, she lost the first 55 pounds.

At 170 pounds, the scale became stuck. She signed up with a personal trainer and started weight training at fit6. "I was terrified," she admits. But once she started, Wendy found that her mission changed. No longer focusing on losing weight by the time she turned 50, she transformed her mindset: "My goals became strength-related," explains Wendy. With the all the help I got from fit6, I finally felt like I was getting results.

Weighing in at 124 pounds, Wendy reached her goal two years early. She turned 50 this year and happily reported that she has maintained her fit lifestyle. "I am now aiming for fit at 60!" she says. "I have not lost my motivation."