Student success deserves rewards!

At iBankED we’re committed to rewarding you for both your financial successes and your academic acheivements.

iGradED Student
Rewards Program!

We want you to achieve your best financial life and have a little fun while doing it. With the iGradED Rewards Program, you’ll have access to Surprise, Deals & Discounts as well as a chance to win up to $5,000 in the Honour Roll Sweepstakes*.

How it works

For every Aced Academic Achievement, Amazing Money Management and Good Financial Habit you make, you will earn points toward your grade. Each point you earn also gives you an entry into the Honour Roll Sweepstakes* for a chance to win up to $5,000 to put toward paying off your student loan.

Good Financial

1 point

for every 3 months you maintain a positive account balance

1 point

for every successful online bill payment

1 point

for every $100 deposited to your account

Amazing Money

1 point

for first mobile app login each month

1 point

for setting up a mobile alert

1 point

for setting up a budget

Aced Academic

1 point

1.50-1.99 GPA

2 points

2.00-2.49 GPA

3 points

2.50-2.99 GPA

4 points

3.00-3.49 GPA

5 points

3.50 GPA

3 points


20 points


Achievable Grades

The more points you earn, the more surprises and discounts you’ll earn along the way!


0 – 9 POINTS


10 – 19 POINTS